Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is Teen Sexuality 2 Exposed?

 Are there too many SEX TEENS in our media stream?
Why is there so much taboo on teen sex??? We all know teens have sex so what are we afraid of them seeing?
For me personally I come from a family were sex isn't even mentioned let alone talked about. Is this because my parents are lazy, afraid, or thought the media already did their job for them
  I probably will never know but one thing I do know is that literature and television taught me everything about sex as a teen.
  I always felt that there could have always been more books like speak or more shows like secret life these are the things that taught me how cautious you should be with sex not the Disney channel. So big  thumbs up for the media for giving the young adults the birds and the bees talk no matter how overexposed or underexposed sex is in our society.


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